What started out as a gift shop with a coffee machine has become a cafe with a retail range that showcases a curated selection of Australian, designer maker, handmade, well made, items to make your heart and wallet happy. We strive to showcase items that can't be found everywhere else, to have something a little different, special in their quality and price.

Our focus on local means we're all about you - providing a space to meet, an experience to remember, a memorable meal.

We keep it simple, we get it done, we have fun!

Opening in 2011 we were determined to create a GOOD business, choosing to support ethical, South Australian providers to present a business that makes a large impact, with a small footprint.

We wanted a space that felt like a home, a welcoming place to meet, a place where you’re not just a face, where real relationships are formed. We wanted to not just run a business, but to fill it with heart. In those days our chairs, tables, dinner ware, cutlery and glassware were all from second hand sources.

Although we look a little different today, this still translates across our entire business, from the designers, makers and artists whose products fill our retail shelves to the suppliers, bakers and roasters whose goods fill our menu and many a happy belly.

We believe in leaps of faith and that small businesses contribute to the community, economy and social change, and that it is crucial for young people to be involved in business for future growth.
We strive to make the good choices, we use eco products where we can, we recycle and reuse and we support many young employees who will go on to make their own beautiful, happy marks on the world.

8AM - 3PM

Bookings advised on weekends!
08 8367 0312