We strive to make the good choices, we use eco products where we can, we recycle and reuse and we support many young employees who will go on to make their own beautiful, happy marks on the world.

Some of the methods WE use to aim to be more environmentally sustainable:

  • Our instore and takeaway packaging requirements are all Vegware, a range of cafe products made from vegetable matter and all completely compostable
  • Our straws are vegetable matter and compost in 2 weeks of use, and we only provide straws if customers ask for them
  • We no longer wrap cutlery in napkins, instead making them available in store on tables if required, instead of assuming use
  • We produce as much as we can in house – from relishes, to pickles, jam, al almond milk and sweets – all means less packaging and less waste 
  • The suppliers we choose, we hand select – for their proximity, saving food miles, their ethos or their systems. Bakers who deliver on reusable trays
  • De Groot coffee co for their stance on ethical coffee plantations – they work directly with farmers to ensure their purchase is best practice
  • Tweedvale who are so caring towards their dairy cows, that they tell us when there are variations in the milk, for example as a reaction to wild weather
  • We purchase in bulk as much as possible, and then we donate excess plastic items (icecream, yoghurt and dairy tubs) to local kindys or organisations like “it’s not garbage” for reuse 
  • Reusable coffee cups – we’ve been selling keep cups since before we opened our brick and mortar store in 2011 and we accept all and any reusable vessel for takeaway coffees
  • BIO BAGS for our juicer waste, which are fully compostable and biodegradable
  •  We encourage staff and customers to collect coffee grind waste for their gardens or food waste for pets (there are a few very well fed bunnies and horses in north Adelaide!!!) and we’ve been in discussion with the team from ‘Fun guy Fungi’ to arrange weekly collection of all coffee grind waste in the near future to go toward their mushroom farms
  • Our animal based products are from sustainable and good practice suppliers
  • We have an arrangement with our fruit and veg supplier to collect our used boxes each delivery for reuse
  • We ask local customers to return or reuse their coffee carry trays
  • We collect all our mailing sachets (so many from the retail side of our business) from parcel deliveries in store and take to the depot collective on franklin street for recycling
  • Our portion sizes are based on cost control and waste minimisation
  • We have an automatic grinder to ensure the coffee grind waste is minimised for cost effectiveness and to save resources

We believe cafes play a role in leading sustainable habits to create culture change, and while we are not perfect and always strive to make improvements to our systems where we can.

Suspended Coffee
It's a simple pay-it-forward style charitable act, and an opportunity to have a profound impact on a strangers’ life. Café-goers can pre-purchase (as a donation) a cup of coffee or a meal. At some point this will be enjoyed by someone who cant afford the cost of a coffee or meal at that time in their lives. Sometimes the recipients also become the donors, and that’s a beautiful thing.

We have a solid base of suspended coffee clients who come in often for a warm cup or meal, and a friendly face, and many customers who purchase on in advance for these clients every time they are in. What we’ve seen is that a person in need is often someone living at the edge of society, facing isolation and alienation. A café can be a space to feel known and comfortable, where connections may be made and experiences shared.

Paying it forward, one coffee at a time. We have been involved in the Suspended Coffee Campaign since April 2013. 

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