RJ Crosses Bird Brooch


The ur "china series" ceramic bird brooches are approximately 5cm from tail to beak and 3cm wide. They are available in a number of different colours and patterns and are $15 each.

RJ Crosses are the makers of a unique range of ceramics designed to decorate gardens; adorn walls; trim trees; and, embellish bodies. An Adelaide based business, taking our inspiration from the jewel-like colours of the Mediterranean.
Our ceramics collection ranges from small gift embellishments; decorative hangings; large and small crosses designed as Mediterranean garden art; small, deliciously tactile, pots; and, jewellery. Our Christmas ceramics are charming and unique - they are designed to become family keepsakes that will last a lifetime. At RJ Crosses, we create a variety of decorative ceramics that are designed to be touched, hung, worn, given and, admired.


Express shipping 1-3 days, $3 for small packages and $15 for large. We offer free shipping within Australia for orders over $100.

For international orders please email us to arrange.

Australia $15.00