We strive to make the good choices, we use eco products where we can, we recycle and reuse and we support many young employees who will go on to make their own beautiful, happy marks on the world.

We've recently stopped using napkins to roll our cutlery and we have moved to Vegware takweaway packaging across the entire store - it's made of vegetable matter and decomposes within 2 weeks of being used. The biggest concern for us was single use takeaway cups (we still prefer reusable cups, or even better, sit in and drink it on site!) and we're now using metal straws for inhouse drinks!

We believe cafes play a role in leading sustainable habits to create culture change, and while we are not perfect and always strive to make improvements to our systems where we can.

Suspended Coffee

It's a simple pay-it-forward style charitable act, and an opportunity to have a profound impact on a strangers’ life. Café-goers can pre-purchase (as a donation) a cup of coffee or a meal. At some point this will be enjoyed by someone who cant afford the cost of a coffee or meal at that time in their lives. Sometimes the recipients also become the donors, and that’s a beautiful thing.

We have a solid base of suspended coffee clients who come in often for a warm cup or meal, and a friendly face, and many customers who purchase on in advance for these clients every time they are in. What we’ve seen is that a person in need is often someone living at the edge of society, facing isolation and alienation. A café can be a space to feel known and comfortable, where connections may be made and experiences shared.

Paying it forward, one coffee at a time. We have been involved in the Suspended Coffee Campaign since April 2013. 

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